Project Detail

Construction of a sustainable eco-friendly Boardwalk designated for pedestrians and cyclists stretching from the Fisherman’s Hut to Boca Catalina.

Some of the amenities included in the scope of this project are:

  • Entrance with wooden boardwalk and recreation area
  • Scenic coastline wooden boardwalk strip
  • Turtle Wall
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Bus Stop restructure
  • Designated pedestrian lane
  • Designated cyclist lane
  • Low horizon lightning
  • Side Parking


Before any construction took place, the Archeological Museum conducted a historical assessment of the site to determine if there were any ancient indian burial sites and/or indication of a former settlement. The study came back positive, and hereby construction began using only sustainable tactics with the main focus to keep the area’s flora intact. The idea is to built with nature, not against it.

The main objectivity of this investment project was to enhance the safety within the Malmok strip area. The former situation deemed to be unsafe and hazardous for everyone that was using the Malmok Strip. Now pedastrians, cyclists and motorists have a new enhanced infrastructure to enjoy the scenic breathing taking views Malmok has to offer.

Completion date: Phase 1 Completed in 2019 and Phase 2 in 2020.

Project Category: Investment

Stakeholders involved: Ministry of Tourism, DOW, DIP, Archeological Museum, Malmok Residents, Turtuga Aruba