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About The Tourism Product Enhancement Fund

Established in 2010, The Tourism Product Enhancement Fund is a fund specifically designated towards the enhancement of the Aruba tourism product. The Tourism Levy is earmarked by the Government of Aruba at 9.5%. The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) receives 100% income generated by transient visitors, 80% from all-inclusive and 98% from the Time Share Properties. The TPEF’s income stream hereby features funds from the remaining 2% of the collected levy by Time Share resorts. The funds are collected by the the Tax Department (DIMP) and are distributed by the Finance Department (DirFin).


The Tourism Product Enhancement Fund’s resources are mandated specifically towards projects for the overall development and elevation of the Aruba tourism product. The TPEF’s investment portfolio consists of the 6 categories shown below.

  • Investment Post includes infrastructural destination development projects which in most cases are done primarily under the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Heritage Post projects are the ones dedicated to the preservation of the authenticity of the Aruban culture and identity
  • Attraction Post projects mainly focus on the overall upkeep and maintenance of the destination development investments
  • Environment Post focuses primarily to fund projects that contribute toward a more sustainable tourism development
  • Awareness Post projects are designated to drive awareness on social related challenges which have a direct effect on the quality of the Aruba tourism product
  • Safety Post projects have the objectivity to enhance the overall safety of both locals and island visitors