Project Detail

Since the establishment of the TPEF fund in 2010, TPEF contractors have accounted as the main project post. TPEF employs a total of 10 small contractors whose responsibility includes but are not limited to keeping the landscaping and cleanliness up to par within their respective zones. 


The zones that fall within the radius of TPEF contractors stretches all along Aruba’s coastline starting from Arashi all the way to Baby Beach and are overseen by the DOW. 


Current Zones being serviced: 

  1. Arashi Beach and surrounding area 
  2. Malmok Tres Trapi Area 
  3. Malmok Fisherman’s Hut Area 
  4. Palm Beach “Strand Politie Area” 
  5. Eagle Beach and surrounding area 
  6. Bushiri Beach and surrounding area 
  7. Surfside Beach and surrounding area 
  8. Linear Park- Plaza Turismo 
  9. Cura Cabai Beach and Santo Largo 
  10. Rodger’s Beach and Baby Beach Area 

Project Launch: 2010

Project Category: Attraction

Stakeholders Involved: Ministry of Tourism, DOW