Project Detail

The main objective of Atelier’89 with its Caribbean Linked project is to stimulate the cooperation between Caribbean artists and to broaden their artistic knowledge. The idea is to involve a large public interest in contemporary art in hopes that young Arubans will become more involved.

Program consists out of two components:

  1. Website; A platform where all parties can exchange information and keep each other updated on their activities and programs.
  2. Summer Program; 10 young talents from different Caribbean island will spend in August 3 weeks in Aruba attending lectures, art discussions and ultimately will produce art pieces that ultimately will be displayed to the public.



Caribbean Linked is organised by Ateliers ’89 in collaboration with ARC and Fresh Milk.

Completion date: Funded Caribbean Linked in 2018 and 2019

Project Category: Heritage

Stakeholders involved: Ministry of Tourism, Atelier 89′


Caribbean Linked Website